Speedy Signs' Commitment to Health & Safety
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Speedy Signs' Commitment to Health & Safety

At Speedy Signs, the safety of our staff and clients is our priority. 

As a group, Speedy Signs has invested a significant amount of time and money in the implementation of our customised ‘Safety by Steps’ Health and Safety Manual throughout our Network to ensure we make the right choice every time. 

Speedy Signs holds an Association Membership with both Site Safe and EMA, who are well recognised as being in the forefront of best practice Health & Safety within New Zealand. 

Our goal is:

 •To provide, maintain, monitor and continuously improve a safe and healthy working environment.

 •To support and encourage employee participation in Health & Safety Practices.

 •To identify and control hazards in our workplace and ensure that Employees have the right equipment, tools, skills and information to work safely.

 •To induct new Employees, temps, Contractors and Sub-Contractors to ensure they understand our safety procedures/policies and their own obligation to be safe.

 •To train and supervise our Employees.

 •To accurately record all accidents/incidents involving injury/harm, damage and near-miss and investigate them with the goal of preventing reoccurrence.

 •To develop and implement procedures for emergencies and evacuation.

 •To maintain all plant and equipment to ensure it is safe to use.

 •To provide Employees with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

For further information visit Site Safe, EMA and Work Safe New Zealand.

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