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Sign maintenance: often overlooked but vitally important.

Just as there’s no point getting your sign all dressed up if it’s not installed properly, nor does it do you any good if it isn’t maintained to the right standard. What if the lights in one of the letters in your sign isn’t working? Or the tubes in your lightbox have blown? Those passing customers in their cars can’t see you! Also don’t forget that what you see isn’t always the same as what your customers see. Be sure to look upon your own signage with a fresh pair of eyes each day. All of our outdoor signs are protected with a UV overlaminate to add life in the harsh NZ sun, but dust, grime, pollution - even cobwebs - can detract from the appearance of your signage.

Maintenance Programmes

Talk to us about signage maintenance programmes, especially on electrical or illuminated signs, so that we can ensure that your signage investment keeps working for you as you originally intended.

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