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Car Wraps

Convert your next car trip into a marketing campaign

Convert your next car trip into a marketing campaign

A car wrap is signage that is applied to the panels of a car. Made from vinyl, we create eye-catching messages and stunning full colour graphics, converting your car into premium advertising space. Visible whether on the road or in the carpark, car wraps are a wise choice for generating new business and increasing brand awareness.

The Speedy Signs Difference

If you’ve ever tried to gift wrap an oddly shaped present, you know that there’s real skill in making 2D material look good on a 3D shape. Our car wraps are made with the highest quality materials and our applicators know all the tricks to make sure you don’t end up with peeling graphics, wrinkled surfaces or faded colours.

Select From:

Full Wrap - All panels on your car + one way vision signage on rear window

Three Quarter Wrap - Most panels on your car

Half Wrap - Rear and some side panels of your car

Our Process

We first need to measure and photograph your vehicle.
Then we will provide a written quote.
Our Design team will then use your brief to design a graphic concept that matches your requirements.
Once your design is approved, your job is moved into production.
On the day of the graphic installation, we will need you to leave the vehicle for the pre-agreed time frame.
To avoid additional cleaning charges it is always advisable to ensure the vehicle has been well cleaned prior to bringing it in.

What designs work well for car wraps?

To make the most of your car wrap you need a design that is bold and simple. Because your car will often be moving at speed, people have limited time to absorb your message. Think about what action you want people to take when they see your sign. For example, if you want them to call your business, make the phone number prominent.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect to spend between $3000 and $7000 per wrap, depending on the size and shape of your vehicle and whether you choose a full, three quarter or half wrap. Remember, vehicle wraps last up to five years. If you think about how many people will see your car during the life of the sign, vehicle wraps are incredible value for your marketing dollar.
We need your vehicle for up to 3 days to apply your new signage. From approving the final design to driving away is usually 7-10 days.
Proper care will extend the life of your car wrap (vehicle graphics) and keep it looking bright and appealing. We recommend you: 1/ Schedule regular washing with a soft brush or soft cloth (automated car machines are not recommended) 2/ Wash with soapy water only (no harsh detergents) 3/ Do not use stiff brushes, squeegees or other rubber edge scrapers across graphics, as it can damage the UV protective surface. 4/ Avoid high pressure cleaners (e.g. water blasters) which can lift the edges of the media.
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