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Vehicle One Way Vision

Advertising opportunity

Make the most of your rear window.

One-way vision signs are digitally printed vinyl graphics with a difference. The secret is the small perforations that let you see through the design from the inside. Brilliant for maximising that stop at the traffic lights.

The perforations allow you to watch the world through the graphic but not the other way around. Using high quality without perforating your budget, this cost-effective option makes for a smart investment for mobile businesses, sole proprietors, trades and retail. Combine with a UV laminate to for a longer logo life.
LTSA has determined that only certain classifications of vehicle should use this type of signage. Speak to your local Speedy Signs Consultant about the current legislation, and whether your particular vehicle can use this media.

Choose From:

Rear car window signage, can be paired with car wraps.

Building, office or retail window signage.

How Does it Work?

There's no trick, just the laws of physics and optics. The human eye tends to notice brighter tones and colours over darker. So looking at your sign from the outside the viewer doesn't notice the holes - just the graphic image. When looking from the inside the backing of the Vinyl is black and so our eyes are drawn to the light coming through the holes - essentially giving us a picture of what's outside.

Frequently Asked Questions

One-way signage for rear van windows ranges from $300 to $500 depending on the vehicle, while retail window signage prices vary depending on size. With UV laminating these signs can last up to five years, making them a sound branding option.
One-way vision signs allow for full digital coverage, so for large windows the options are endless however we do recommend sticking to simple designs. On rear van windows the image will only be seen briefly as you drive past, so a company name and logo, phone number and web address is ideal. Make sure your colour choices are consistent with the vehicle, and keep in mind that some vehicles with steep rear windows are unsuitable for one-way graphics.
We provide fast turnaround, your one-way vision signs will be done and dusted within five to seven days from artwork signoff.
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