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Neon Signs

Neon Signs

Get noticed in neon

Demand attention with beautiful neon signage. Taking us back to the glamourous 20's or the retro 50's, Neon signs elicit an emotional response which is both nostalgic and inviting. We can take you through a range of options that will best suit the overall feel for your brand.

All about attracting attention, we can create a truly bespoke sign that conveys the essence of your brand. The angles and shapes achieved with Neon are great for lettering. Choose your font, your colour and we will do the rest. Your lovely lights can even be set on a timer to display different effects for maximum impact.

Things to consider with Neon

Make sure your sign is easily accessible for maintenance or tube replacement.
You’ll need to implement a regular maintenance program to ensure a long life.
Placement is important – being in a cooler spot can help maintain tube life.

What are Neon Signs?

Neon signs are glass tubes filled with inert gas which glows with the passing of an electrical current. Fully customisable Neon signs are constructed by bending the tube into the required shape. To learn more about Neon and our Illuminated sign options talk to your local Speedy Signs expert today.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the price can vary greatly depending on the design and size, neon signs are generally a more costly signage solution. As a long lasting, eye-catching choice, the noble neon will give you great bang for your buck.
Classic is classy. You’re best to go with a brand logo, name or short, clear message. Big, bold lettering is hard to top so talk to us about choosing fantastic and timeless font that will best broadcast your brand.
Because neon signs are a specialist item, and very dependent on complexity, we will be able to discuss delivery times when your design is finalised. Leadtimes definitely apply.
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