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Need help re-evaluating your brand and it's appearance?

If you witnessed our own rebrand throughout New Zealand (and throughout the world with our international company), then you will see the value of a good brand review every now and then. In fact, we say you should be reviewing your brand’s identity every 5-7 years. The process of evaluating your brand, its values, its mission and its position in the marketplace, all need to come before you engage in a new brand identity.

And that’s where Speedy Signs comes in.

With 20 years in NZ and 30 years of experience in helping businesses globally to rebrand and update their image to appeal to a new clientele, we are your consultation service. Think of us as an extension to your marketing department. We can help turn your identity into reality. If you’ve not yet seen our Guidelines to Re-Branding Checklist, then don’t waste another minute – you can download them for FREE. It includes a brilliant checklist at the back for all of the items that you’re going to need to consider when putting together your own Corporate Identity (did we mention we can do that too?)

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