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3D Logos & Lettering

Quality 3D Fabrication

Add an extra dimension to your business

If you literally want to make your brand stand out there's no better option than 3D fabrication. These sensational signs add a dynamic factor to your branding. 3D lettering and shapes can be created from a range of materials and illuminated in a number of innovative ways for bold, high impact marketing. Shadows, halo lighting or internal illumination all add to a 3D lettering sign's impact.

Leaps and bounds in technology mean 3D lettering is now an accessible option for most businesses. These dimensional signs come with loads of options, from the materials used to the way we light the sign. Let’s chat about what you want to achieve and we’ll direct you to the best options to craft your communication in a way that will bolster your brand and business.

Choose From:

Various materials
Acrylic, medium density fibreboard, PVC, foam or aluminium composite panel are all popular options.

Light up the letters themselves or create a halo effect with backlighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price will depend on the execution. While 3D lettering is more expensive than a simple flat metal sign, it also packs more of a visual punch and can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years depending on what it’s made of and where you install it. Your local Speedy Signs consultant can advise on what will work for your business.
Uncomplicated is best so stick with a bold design and simple lettering. Overly ‘clever’ designs muddy the effect and make the installation more complicated and therefore more costly. Illumination is an excellent added extra to really make your lettering ‘pop.’ Your local Speedy Signs signage expert can consult with you on the best options and positioning for your 3D lettering sign.
You can expect your lettering to be completed approx three weeks after artwork sign off. If you need any further assistance or advice, please don't hesitate to contact your local Speedy Signs store.
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