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If you’re reading this then you already realise that vehicle branding is one of the most cost effective ways to reel in new business. You’ll also know that, as a one-time investment, you’re about to develop a marketing campaign that will continue to work hard for you – now and in the years to follow. However, what you may not be aware of is how frequently it goes wrong. Horribly wrong.

Because we’ve all heard about the benefits of vehicle advertising, it’s plausible that you’d want to make your signage as memorable as possible in order to capitalise on these benefits. However, this is when the temptation to overcomplicate sets in. What this actually does is alienate. And if you’re rolling out ineffective signage across large fleets – well, that’s just detrimental to your business’s image. You don’t want that.

So, to give your fleet to best chance of success, we’ve put together some handy tips on how to get your vehicle signage right every time.

Keep it concise

Let’s talk about text. We get it, you don’t want to miss off anything important and sometimes visuals just can’t say it all. But your fleet is essentially a series of moving billboards, operating cross-country or internationally, so is overcrowding (and overwhelming) really the right way to go?

Your wording also has to be legible. That means small fonts will be about as useful as a cash-only petrol station with no ATM… Trust us, all you need to include is your company logo, tagline (if it clearly explains what you do), website and contact details.

Make it easy on the eye

It goes without saying that the visuals need to be impressive. However, try to avoid using several smaller images and instead think about using just one core visual that carries some impact. Keep intricate details to a minimum – or if you’re hoping to use patterns, photography or shapes, remember to think about the surface of the vehicle and any limitations it may carry in terms of design i.e. door handles!

Your brand is your most valuable asset so you’ll want to treat your fleet as an extension of this, that’s why you should try to stick to a consistent theme. Remember, the prime objectives for vehicle advertising are to maximise brand exposure, generate brand recognition and elevate your business to top-of-mind level status – even if your service is not needed straight away.

Shout out with a CTA

Call-to-actions are simple, effective and so easy to get wrong. The temptation here is to plaster the vehicle with every mode of communication you can think of (landline, mobile, address and email etc.) but this doesn’t work, it confuses. Always go for a phone number and web address.

Lastly, when rolling out your brand across a large fleet, keep in mind quality control and output consistency. This is where using just one partner nationwide can really add value to your campaign. Working alongside an experienced specialist would ensure that your brand guidelines get executed faithfully and dependably so that standards are maintainable.

Discover what we can do from cars, to trucks, buses and boats. With over 20 stores throughout New Zealand, we can create signs for your vehicles wherever they are.

If you have any questions or your vehicle signage situation is a bit more unique, call us on 0800 773 339. You can also visit us at Otherwise, follow this formula and you won’t go wrong!

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