Directional Signage & The User Experience: Part Two Speedy Signs Signwriters Blog
Events. You’re planning a huge corporate affair. Maybe even a fundraiser, exhibition or concert. Whatever - it’s going to be HUGE. Except… you haven’t thought about your attendees’ navigational experience… Do you know that ineffective directional signage is one of the surest ways of confusing and stressing your guests?

A prime example 

We all know the frustration of being in an airport trying to find your allotted gate, only for it to somehow be down some stairs, through a tunnel and around a corner about 10 minutes away from its neighbouring number. The only thing you have to see you through is the signage – and how transparent it is. One elusive arrow pointing to a turn that doesn’t exist, and you’re done for. 

Corporate events – or events of any kind – are no different. When you want to secure deals, impress and astonish, you really can’t afford to be stingy on your directional signage. A handful of complaining guests who missed an important speaker due to obscure arrows and infrequent prompts makes for one tainted experience. And complaints can spread like wildfire.   

The good news?

All this madness can be avoided by working with genuine signage experts… here’s some help. 

Let’s take it outside

Car parking. Need we say more? An effective directional signage strategy must start well before your visitors feel the warmth of the indoors.

First impressions count and everyone hates parking at massive venues with multiple functions going on. It always leads to anxiety. Nobody is thinking about locating ‘The Diamond Suite’ when there’s only one parking attendant and 30+ cars trying to wrangle their way as close to the entrance as possible.

Our advice:

  • Be clear about where your guests can park by placing the name of the event or company logo in each space. The goal is to reassure and eliminate stressors.
  • Use wayfinding prompts from the ‘gate to the door’, so locating the correct entrance (particularly in huge-scale events) becomes almost fool-proof. Think of it as following breadcrumbs.

Over the threshold we go

They’re inside. Now what?

This is where you need to seriously think about what you want them to do next. If that’s not finding the nearest bar, then a directional prompt is in order.

Do they need to sign in, get a name tag or view a table plan? If so, TELL them. Directional signage at events isn’t just about pointing left or right, it’s about communicating with real people and guiding them through the crowds, from beginning to end.

Our advice:

  • Only ever give your guests two things to do on arrival. Don’t bombard with multiple steps and processes as this will set the tone and put people on edge.
  • Imagine having a real conversation with your guests. Whatever vital pieces of information you’d want to give them in person, be sure to have a signage alternative to serve as reinforcement. People can easily forget in the moment.

Now for the crowd-pleaser

If you could work with someone who could take the pain away and transform your event into a navigational marvel, would you jump at the chance?

At Speedy Signs, we’ve spent the last 30 years helping with directional signage in all forms and have had more than our fair share of event triumphs.

Just call 0800 SPEEDY (773 339) and one of our experts will be there to help you drop your breadcrumbs the right way.

 Type of event signage we can assist with:

  • Exhibitions
  • Press Conferences
  • Grand Openings
  • Corporate Events
  • Festivals, Parades & Concerts
  • Fundraisers

Whatever signage you need, we’re here.

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