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Between warmer temperatures and the freedom of holiday breaks from work and school most brick and mortar businesses notice an increase in foot traffic during these summer months. However getting potential customers to “cross the line” from the foot path into your store is about more than favourable holiday trading hours...

To capitalise on this opportunity the first step is to gain exposure through strategically planned and placed outdoor signage. Signs can have a major impact on people’s desires to visit your store and some signs accomplish this task better than others.

This doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune in permanent fixtures. In fact, there are several low-cost, temporary signage options that are excellent at capturing summertime foot traffic and ultimately growing your business.


These portable foot path signs are perfect for communicating brief messages such as contact information, special offers, discounts, and a business’s core service offerings. A-frames come in various sizes, designs and materials and can be custom manufactured to best suit your business’s objectives, look and budget.

Flags & Banners

Globally, banners and flags are a very popular form of promotional signage as these signs suit many environments and purposes. From sales promotions, events, directional signage and awareness raising, flags and banners are a cost-effective method for getting your brand and message noticed.

Window Graphics

Inform, entice and attract passing clients with sophisticated window graphics whether full or partial coverage. Image is everything so take control of your business’s brand and give it real personality. Large windows can serve as a billboard so potential customers know what you offer to them and secondly where they must come to get that solution. Window graphics solutions encapsulate temporary and short-term applications, to permanent solutions which are ideal for logos and illustrations intended to last. For interior windows frosting is a popular solution providing office privacy for meeting rooms while offering a spacious atmosphere.

These low-cost temporary signage options are perfect for gaining business exposure and growing your business faster by attracting foot traffic to your business. Is your storefront ready to draw in summertime traffic? If you need any help on deciding the best signage options or designing the right sign for the season, give your local Speedy Signs store a call today on 0800 SPEEDY (0800 773 339). 

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