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Going national anytime soon? We salute you! Rolling out your retail brand across one country can be overwhelming – striking out internationally, well, that’s an entirely different ballgame. Luckily for you, we’re here to guide you! You see, we’ve been around the block a few times, helping retailers just like you spread the love across all corners of the world.

Generating wider brand awareness

We know you know that getting your brand in front of the right people is the aim of the game but what’s your strategy and are you fully kitted out to turn this objective into a reality?

We think you need our Speedy Top Tips for generating brand awareness:

  • Different region, different demographics – is your ‘ideal’ customer really the most likely customer? Don’t make any assumptions. Do your research and find out who you’re really selling to. The outcome might shock you.
  • Scout out local trends – what works in Auckland may not work in Invercargill, Barcelona or London. You may have to push different products to the foreground and omit certain offerings. Make sure your advertising and signage reflects the local spirit to build trust and maximise loyalty.
  • Colours mean different things to different cultures – and before you know it you’ve blown your budget rolling out what you believe to be a winning brand campaign only to offend half the nation. Did you know that in China, yellow is associated with pornography. And in France? Betrayal…

Getting footfall – and nurturing it!

In a world full of distractions, you also need to ensure that people remember you. When two friends are out drinking coffee, chatting about the latest interior trends and where to buy them, you want the talk to be, “Oh! I know just the place, I saw their new store on X Street and I really think they’ll have just what you’re looking for. Let’s go after work tomorrow.”

Creating top level recognition may seem like a long-term game but you’d be surprised – strategically placed adverts and signage can fast track footfall within weeks! But once you’ve got them through the door don’t even think about dropping the ball… How you direct and guide your shoppers through the store is just as important as getting them there in the first place (especially if you want them to spread the word and come back). Read our post about Directional Signage And The User Experience for tips.

5 types of signage to kick things off:  

Outdoor Company Signage

Indoor Shop Signage

Promotional Signage

Wayfinding Signage

Billboard Advertising

Remember, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to nailing the roll out of your retail brand, whether it’s nationally or internationally – your company is unique and so are the people you’re trying to target. While following the above steps will help you compile a winning strategy, you’ll need that personal touch to vamp it up and execute it properly – that’s where we come in!

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