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Whether you're stopped at the lights, pulling into your office driveway, or simply taking a road trip - every time your staff drive and park their car is an opportunity to promote your business. Vehicle signage can last up to five years, making it a hugely cost-effective and hassle-free form of advertising. Here's 3 benefits of turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard.


Driving is the most popular form of transport in New Zealand, and the New Zealand Transport Association (NZTA)say that the average adult spends over four hours driving every week! But we don’t need facts to figure this out… Just listen to the radio traffic updates around 5 o’clock, or try leaving the office after work right on 5 and you’ll know our roads are busy.

You can reach people who won’t usually see your brand by covering your vehicles in wraps, and there are many types of available. Since so many New Zealanders spend a lot of their time commuting it means your brand can have a greater audience as you and your staff travel.


Advertising on TV, in the paper, magazines, or on radio can be expensive and sometimes ineffective. When you put an ad in the paper it’s only there for one day, at the most a week right? That is unless you’re paying a regular cost. Vehicle wraps are a one-off cost which allow you to advertise for many years, making it incredibly cost effective and affordable.

When you pay for air time on television, how many times is that run? How long does it run for? Your message might be lost with the other ads being promoted in the same place, or people may even change channel, switch off, or turn the page. When you’re stuck in traffic behind a branded van it’s difficult to get away; so essentially you have a captive audience! Vehicle graphics reach more people, for less money.


Unlike other types of advertising (such as billboards) vehicle graphics have no restrictions. Billboards alone have placement, rates, and timing restrictions, but using your vehicle(s) as moving billboards removes restrictions and lets you advertise literally wherever you go!

You can advertise during the week on your way to work, wherever you park, when you go to meet a client or customer, in the weekend when you go to the shops or even when you see your child’s sports match!

It also gives credibility to trades people who are frequently on the road and are instantly recognisable by customers when you turn up on site.

Vehicle graphics is really the only way to advertise 24/7 and wherever you go!

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