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If you’re not attracting the customers you want, or the footfall you need to keep afloat, it’s time to take a long hard look at your brand. What message does it send to your audience? Is it misleading? If you’ve never thought about refreshing your brand – or you haven’t done so in 5-7 years – listen up, here’s why you need a revamp.

Customers buy from brands they relate to

Yes, colours and taglines play a part in this but not as big a part as you may think. Modern consumers need trust. They need to be able to connect with your core values, position in the marketplace and your business’s mission. If these factors aren’t considered as part of your branding efforts, no matter what your placement strategy is, you will lose out.

Remember, customers like to see themselves in your story. They like to identify and buy with their hearts. If your brand is not appealing to these aspects, what is it appealing to?

Outdated branding is the quickest way to fail

This perfectly ties in with the above point. What worked 7 years ago will not work now.

For example, humanising brands has been a huge focus in the advertising world for the last 5 years at least. Yet many older brands aren’t hearing the importance of this and updating their brand to be more transparent. Of course, change is scary, particularly for companies who have been trading for so long with a brand that used to work, but if you’re part of one such company, ask yourself this: Is it working now?

If not, think about what you want to put out there and adapt your branding to fit, whether that’s with a tagline that better reflects your mission or with messaging that speaks to people in a real way.

Just because your competitors are doing it, doesn’t mean you should

A lot of brands we’ve worked with over the years concern themselves a little too much with what their competitor’s brands look like. It goes without saying that you always need to use them as a benchmark but that doesn’t mean you need to blend your branding to fit in with them.

For example, if most telecoms companies all use the colour blue in varying forms and have grey font with messages that hammer home the features and benefits of their products, does that mean they’ve got it right and you must do the same?

Nope. What it does, is present you with an opportunity to elevate your brand even further. What would happen if your telecoms company used the colour yellow and instead of force-feeding customer products, talked about their wider purpose and what they can help customers achieve?

Well, it would make you relatable. It would make you different. It would make you human. Opening a dialogue that talks to customers on an equal level, instead of talking down to them, can work wonders. Creating a brand around this concept, could pull even more strings. Think about it.

So, you haven’t updated your brand for 5-7 years? Let’s change that.

With over 30 years of experience helping global businesses rebrand, think of us as consultants – an extension of your marketing team. To hear about our extensive range of signage options, or maybe even some friendly advice, just call 0800 SPEEDY and we’ll be there to help you.

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