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Reformer Pilates NP | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Reformer Pilates in New Plymouth approached us regarding new signage for a fresh new look to their city studio.
We installed brand new window graphics, an acrylic logo on the studio front fascia, and an acrylic logo positioned on the internal wall of reformer pilates studio.

Cough Protection Screen | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Harcourts in Taranaki required a cough protection screen as per recent business recommendations. We customized our screens to fit their office/ reception area, and used a high impact clear acrylic.

Window Graphics | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

We designed and installed these Window Graphics for Highlands Intermediate School in New Plymouth. These were created as classroom dividers between the two classrooms. A great idea to give a separate feeling to each room, while also providing a little bit of privacy between the rooms.

Full Window Graphics | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

We installed Full Window Graphics for Golden Homes in Taranaki. These graphics cover the entire frontage with a clear crisp image they selected as their design. The full graphics are also uni vision meaning the staff or customers inside can see out, while people cannot see in. This creates a good level of privacy while providing a really professional look with the image design from outside.

Window Frosting | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Window Frosting Installed for Saint Joseph's Catholic Church. This provides a delicate look, very fitting for the church. Also provides privacy for the church members.

Custom Colour Flip Full Vehicle Wrap | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Custom Colour Flip Full Vehicle Wrap. A guy came in wanting a specific coloured wrap for his car. We ordered in the 3M 2080 Deep Space Wrap. This was applied in our Wrap Station Designated Area. Colour Result has turned out really well and customer is very happy with the quality of Wrap.

Foragecrest Shopfront Signage | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Foragecrest in New Plymouth were relocating to a new premises. The new shop required all new signage. Holly from Foragecrest knew what she was wanting with colour and design preference. We produced and installed the shop front fascia, the under verandah sign, the large window graphic display, and her brand name along her front door entry way. It looks fantastic, and Holly is extremely happy with the finished look of her floral shop signage.

Printed Frosting Window Graphics| Speedy Signs New Plymouth

We designed and installed this Printed Frosting Window for a room in an office complex. This provides a creative level of privacy for staff, and also when meeting and discussing important matters with customers. Privacy using creative art.

Cancer Society Vehicle Wrap | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Partial Wrap applied to the Cancer Society Vehicle. Speedy Signs New Plymouth proudly offered this wrap as sponsorship towards the Cancer Society. A great charity that provides so much to our people and communities.

Covid POS/Office Screens | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Covid POS/ Office Screen. Many of our Businesses in New Plymouth are now installing these screens. We use a high impact clear acrylic which helps protect both staff and customers against any potential transmission of Covid-19. These comply under the current government guidelines.

Digital Print Table Inserts | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Customer approached us with their creative ideas for table inserts to have available in their store/ website. We used a high quality digital print for these table inserts. The colour is bright and crisp, and images clear and sharp. Customer is very happy with the finished product.

PVC Billboard Banner | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Centre City Mall in New Plymouth required installation of an advertisement, placed high on the building, and located near the parking entry way, where alot of traffic comes and goes regularly. Our team hired a scissor lift to reach the height requirement, and installed this Large PVC Billboard Banner. A really effective advertisement in a great spot.

Vision Strips on Glass | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

We recently installed Vision Strips for Village Mews. Being a new build it is a requirement for any large areas of glass to have vision strips installed. This helps reduce any glass related accidents, and accidental collisions. Village Mews wanted a simple, yet effective strip along their glass area, that matched the compliance required.

Personalized Office Desk Plaque | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Customer required a professional looking customized desk plaque. For the base we used a beech timber that was cut and shaped using our Router. We then used a clear acrylic that we laser cut for the name/ personalized details.

Mustang Paint Protection Film | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

A Mustang that has just received a Full PPF (paint protection film). Parked in our Vehicle Wrapping Station, we applied this clear paint protection film that will help protect the Mustangs paint work from harsh weather, stone chips, and many other elements that usually destroy the new look of a vehicle. The PPF film also gives this beautiful gloss finish.

Laser Cut Drink Holder | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Customer wanted to re-create a Christmas Drink Holder she had seen. By showing us a picture, we drew up on file the design/measurements, and sent this to our Laser Cutter which created exactly what she had shown us. This will make a fantastic Christmas Gift.

Boat Graphics | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Customer wanted good quality graphics applied to the sides of the boat called 'Dripping Wet', we used digital print graphics, 3M Vinyl.

Vehicle Wrap Station | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

We designed and installed our own Wrap Station for our New Plymouth Speedy Signs production area. This station is where cars can be parked while we apply wraps, films or graphics required. Having a stationed area means it stays clean, clear of other projects going on, foot traffic etc. It also protects the customers vehicles while they are left in our production area.

Smiths Sports Shoes Shop Signage | New Plymouth

Smiths Sports Shoes New Plymouth contacted us requiring new signage for their store. We installed a new front counter wrap, a large wall graphic, under veranda fascia, front fascia for street front and an eye catching floor graphic

Golden Homes ACM Panels | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Golden Homes approached us wanting signage for their Fence line. We used a High Quality Digital Print applied to Large ACM Panels.

Clear Paint Protection Film PPF | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Customer wanted a paint protection film to protect his Ducati Streetfighter against general harsh elements. We used a full clear paint protection film PPF. This will help protect his ducati from stones, chips, harsh weather elements and keep his motorcycle looking newer for longer.

Router Cut Design Feature | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Using our Router we cut this simple design feature for the New Plymouth Airport Counter Front.

Covid POS/Office Screen | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Helping a Business open in Alert Level 3. They required a screen at their POS / reception area. We used a high impact clear acrylic screen and made white acrylic feet so it can stand up or be moved around where needed. The screen comes with a protective coating which remains on the screen until it is installed within the workplace.

Covid Screens | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Many Companies are requiring these Clear High Impact Acrylic Screens as part of Covid regulations for offices & POS reception areas. These provide both staff and customers a level of safety from any potential transmission of covid. We use clear high impact acrylic, and these come with a green coating which protect the screens until they are delivered and installed for our customers.

3d Printed Prosthetic Eye Moulds | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

3d Printed Prosthetic Eye Moulds for Oculus Prosthetics.
These were designed from measurements provided by our customer. We then created a file from the measurements and sent these to print on our Peopoly 3d Printer. For these moulds we have used a Neon Green Resin.

Window Frosting | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Stratford Primary School in New Plymouth came to us requiring Window Frosting for their school hall. We applied a 3M Frosting with a unique design feature. This gives the hall a really good design element, as well as providing safety and privacy.

Taranaki Airs Vehicle Wrap | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Customer wanted to wrap their vehicle with a design and use of colour that really complimented the car and helped their name really stand out. We used a digital printed part wrap on the vehicle which was used on high quality avery film.

Laser Eye Centre Signage | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Laser Eye Centre New Plymouth. Customer wanted Signage that really stood out. We used a white acrylic lightbox with opal 3d letters and used digital print over the logo.

Global Metal Solutions Signage | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Global Metal Solutions required Signage for the Front of the Building. We used router cut ACM panels with Digital Print. A Stand out display, also provided company details for customers to see.

Custom Harley Wrap | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Customer wanted a unique wrap design for his Harley. We custom designed in-house this wrap on each of his Harley parts using Silver Metallic Print Wrap

Chrome Truck Wrap | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

The Trucks name is Wild Man. So we needed to wrap this Truck with a custom designed wrap to match the name. We used a Matte Black Base Colour Wrap with Chrome Gold design.

KIA Stinger Vehicle Wrap | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Brand New Vehicle Wrap for a 2018 KIA Stinger. Customer wanted to transform the look of the vehicle from the standard silver that it previously was. We wrapped the KIA Stinger in 3M Satin Dark Grey 2080.

MusicWorks Business Signage | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

MusicWorks New Plymouth were relocating their Business.
Together we designed Signage that was going to help their Business stand out and really make an impact on the busy main street.
We used a ACM Panel Fascia with Digital Print Graphics & 3D Cut Accent Pieces. Window Graphics on the Sliding Doors, and ACM Panel with MusicWorks Logo above the door.

Play2Win Full Acrylic Lightbox | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Play2Win Full Acrylic Lightbox. The customer required us to design signage that would stand out on a busy main street. We custom designed a bright illuminated lightbox, that really stood out on the building and also from the roadside.

Large Outdoor Wall Graphic | Speedy Signs New Plymouth

Large Outdoor Wall Graphic for McDonalds New Plymouth. McDonalds wanted to display layers of a Big Mac Burger. This was installed on the corner of a busy intersection in New Plymouth City.

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